product development

One-stop shopping is what we offer: the total development of a product from start to finish, from concept, design and engineering; from analysis to seeing the product through to the market.

And clients actively taking advantage of just a limited range of our skill set still benefit just the same from our integral approach to our business.


We strive for added value across different levels. Our clients and the end users of the final product are equally important to us:

1. tribecraft clients:
Our profit strategies have a long-term impact. The investment pays off not just as an object developed specifically to meet the needs of our client: Our products strengthen clients’ brand identity and positions them as innovative leaders. Patents and licenses are only two of the many advantages that often emerge from the process.

2. End users:
It is important to us that the products we develop be ergonomic and easy to use. But they must also be worth their price and possess clear user advantages. Their sensuality and character are at least as important as their functional qualities. After all, the pleasure of an attractive product plays a decisive role in its success.